May 15, 2012

Decorating a Nursery Sneak Peek

One of the fun things about expecting a new baby is decorating the nursery.  Unfortunately I haven't really experienced that part of having a baby despite already having two little boys.

You see, with Ryan we knew we were moving when we had him.  Our house was already on the market, and in fact I was in the hospital waiting to be discharged when my husband was graduating from the Captain Career Course.  We moved just over a month later.

When we arrived at Ft. Campbell there was already a baby blue room, and since Pat was leaving to deploy shortly, we decided to just hang a few things on the wall and call the nursery complete.

When we were pregnant with Sean, our life was a bit crazy.  Pat was working such long hours we hardly saw him.  Our life and plans were up in the air, and I guess we figured that since we didn't really give Ryan a proper nursery, it wouldn't be fair to go all out for Sean.  Plus his room was also the spare bedroom.

So neither boy got a fully decorated nursery.  That is something that I wanted so badly to change this time around.  I wanted to experience the decorating phase.  BUT here we are again...putting our house on the market (within the week--eeek!) and planning a move.

Since the baby will be in our room for a while in a bassinet, I'm hoping that the timing of the move falls into place so that I can finally and for once decorate a baby room the way I want.

And of course, rather than cleaning for our house to be sold, I'm working on the nursery decor.  (Remember, a few months ago I did the whole bust my butt to get my house on the market thing until our orders were DELETED.  I'm putting Pat in charge of it this time.)
So I wanted to give you a little sneak peak of a few aspects for the nursery that I hope to decorate at our next location.
*The lighting on the paint color is a bit off in the's kind of a bright green in reality.

I also look forward to showing you some of the projects I'm doing with the spray paint.

And don't think that I'm neglecting the boys' rooms at the next house.  Although, the plans for them are dependent on how many bedrooms the next house has and if they will share a room.  Sean wants a blue room and Ryan would like a purple room.  I'm fairly confident I'll be able to find an in between color that will please both of them if they are sharing.

It's exciting to think about painting the next house and really make it our own.  Although. I wish everything was timed differently, because I know it's going to be hurried, hectic, and overwhelming trying to get up there and settled the way this move is playing out.  But for now I'll just focus on the fun and exciting paint colors ;)


Anonymous said...

The decor looks fabulous, perfect for a little girl. I love decorating nurseries. :) Hope you're feeling well!


Anonymous said...

The decor looks fabulous, perfect for a little girl. I love decorating nurseries. :) Hope you're feeling well!


The Fischer Family said...

I love decorating the nursery. Brianna had classic Winnie the Pooh (we didn't know her gender so it was neutral). Jonah shared a room with her in our 2 bedroom condo so he used the Pooh decor also. Micah shared a room with Jonah when we moved here which was a Disney Cars theme. Fun for little boys. Eli will have his own nusery and by golly I'm getting excited! I'm being drawn towards owls right now. They are just so sweet! I love the fabrics you picked out! So perfect for a baby girl!! Have fun!!!

Jenn said...

You're at Campbell?!?! You gotta come to one of Julie's blogger meet-ups before you leave!! Where are y'all headed?

On a blog-related note, the decor for the nursery looks darling. We haven't really decorated a nursery either since we've had so many moves recently, but hopefully that will happen soon!! :)

bean said...

pink and green are such a fun, happy combo...and i'm wild for polka-dots, so the picture on the bottom right (bedsheet, maybe?) is right up my alley!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Looks like the nursery is going to be adorable! And you could always do the boys favorite colors in bedding if you cant find the right paint color. We plan on having the boys share rooms in our next move and Im going to get them different sets I think!

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