May 20, 2012

Quick Toilet Talk

On my To Do page, one of the items listed is "find better systems to keep a clean and organized house."  So I wanted to share a trick I learned because it has literally saved a bit of my sanity.

It's going to get a little gross around here now with toilet talk.

At this house we've had a terrible time keeping the toilet bowls free from stains.  It's actually crazy.  I've never seen toilets stain so quickly.  When we replaced the flooring in the bathrooms earlier this year, we even bought new toilets thinking maybe it was the old ones being prone to stains.

It wasn't the old toilets.  The new ones are staining terribly too.  It was so bad that I couldn't get one of them clean this weekend, and since we're busting our butts to get the house on the market that is a problem.

So after looking for tricks on the internet, I found one that worked and was super easy.

Here's how I got a sparkling, clean toilet because I know you're dying to know.
1.  Turn off water to the bowl and flush the water so that your water level is lower than normal.  (It didn't really lower my water level much and then it won't flush anymore without water in the tank, but I just went with it anyway.)
2.  I added the remaining distilled white vinegar I had from dyeing our Easter eggs to the toilet bowl.  I had probably 3/4 of a one liter bottle left.
3.  Let it sit over night.  The only hard part is remembering to go to another bathroom in the middle of the night if you have to go.
4.  Use a toilet brush and scrub it clean in the morning.  All the yuck came right off easily.  It was incredibly how easy this was and how great it worked.

So hopefully someone else finds this little tip as useful as I did.


The Fischer Family said...

We were having trouble with this too! I bought a Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl cleaner for each bathroom. Step on it in the morning and at more icky toilets!

Monica said...

Thanks for the tip! Ours get super dirty too and I can't get them clean.

April said...

i've tried this method & liked it!! i didn't get quite to the level of sparkling clean, but it did work good enough!! :]

i'm hopping over from the mil spouse blog hop. i know i'm TERRIBLY late, but we just moved to japan this week & i'm finally playing catchup online!

best of luck with your new babe -- i can't wait to see pictures of her :]


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