August 9, 2010

Month 2 Review, Deployment 3

So we're are officially 2 months down for this deployment. I will say time is moving pretty fast which is probably due in part to the fact that we are staying so busy. Here is a very quick rundown of my deployment goal progress:

Reading: I finished "Water For Elephants" this month. I liked it a lot. It gave a great description that really made me feel like I was there as I was reading it. While I was reading it, I had a hard time putting it down. However, once I had put it down, I didn't feel the need to go back to it. The story isn't a page turner so much as a real glimpse into an interesting world. I liked what I read, but I didn't feel an urgency to finish it. I do recommend it though, it was a fun and easy read.

Get fit: I'm now down a total of 7lbs for the deployment. I would still like to lose 13 more. I struggled with it this month. I still have an enormous appetite, which is hard to control. As the weather cools down, I'm hoping to get more walks in to help kick up my getting fit progress.

Cards: I've ordered my supplies to make my Christmas cards. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be selling it, since I'm just too busy to devote much time to that, but for right now I'm happy. There are only a few more items that I would like to buy for myself and then I should have everything I could ever need.

FRG: After our recent casualties, things got absolutely crazy as I mentioned before. I feel like I've helped some families, which is really important to me. We have a pizza party meeting scheduled for later this month. I'm really happy with the progress I've made in making myself a better leader and reaching out to help spouses.

So that was month 2 in a nut shell. Today Ryan has a meet and greet at his new preschool. His first real day of school is tomorrow. I cannot believe he'll be going to "school". I'll post more about that tomorrow I'm sure.

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Jessica said...

Sounds like you are staying busy (which definelty helps)

Great job on the weight loss!

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