August 21, 2010


I realize that I am not blogging with any consistency, and I do apologize. I guess I just cannot think of much to write these days. By the time I have the kids in bed, the only thing on my mind is how my kitchen (and maybe other rooms too) is a pigsty. Yet, each night I just cannot find the energy to clean it. When I do finally get it clean, it only takes one day for it to return to it's cluttered and dirty state. No one wants to read anymore details on that than I have just written.

Our days are staying quite busy with Ryan having school twice a week. I feel like the days he doesn't have school are spent recouping from being hectic on the school days. The three hours that Ryan is in school does not provide me much rest or even time to get errands done. I'm trying to maintain Sean's schedule as best as I can, and that includes a morning nap. The car ride home from dropping Ryan off at school is a race between the car getting home and Sean's eyelids falling. When we arrive home, I've usually been able to get Sean down for a nap. During his nap, I can fit in a little cleaning, work, or a workout in the house. Sean wakes up giving us some time to play just the two of us before we have to go get Ryan. I can usually run a quick errand, like mailing Pat a package, before getting Ryan. After we pick Ryan up, it is back to the house for lunch and then his nap. I didn't expect that I would find running errands easier when Ryan doesn't have school and I have both boys with me, but working with their schedules that is what is working best. So most of my days are spent trying to work around the boys schedules, but I don't mind. I like giving them consistency at least.

Today we had some fun playing on the deck. The boys were enjoying chewing on some t-balls. Sean is chewing on anything he can get his hands on, and sometimes Ryan copies what Sean does. Here are photos from this afternoon:

Sean thought Ryan's ball looked better than his.
So he tried to steal it.
But then he realized his was just as good.
It's funny the things they enjoy.
Such a silly boy.
He loves watching his big brother.
And he's all smiles.
He's a cutie.
My little men :)


Robyn said...

Oh my goodness Shelly, you have the cutest boys! I cannot get over how much personality Sean has!

And, I don't mind hearing about cleaning! ;)

Jessica said...

Such cute pictures!!! Your boys are sooo cute!

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