August 2, 2010


Thank you everyone for the kind words of support. I did finally hear from him today. It has been a very crazy time period here. Our battalion has suffered some casualties. As FRG leader, I've been very busy and pretty stressed out. I knew Pat was safe. Communication from Soldiers in theater to wives back home was stirring up a lot of gossip though. Unfortunately my husband was not one of the ones to call home to fill me in. One of the hardest things for me is not having information, especially when I know it's all over the place. While I think facebook is a great way to stay in touch or reconnect with friends, it makes rumor control next to impossible during a deployment.

Adding to my frustration with Pat and his communication was the fact that his e-mails were taking DAYS for the internet to deliver. I was not aware of this problem and neither was he until we finally talked today. This miscommunication was very had because I would write to him needing support or an answer to a question and his reply would not address anything I wrote about. If we didn't figure this out, I would have started to think he didn't care about anything I wrote.

In this modern world communication can be a blessing and a curse. While Pat and I have had our issues with it, I am so thankful for being able to hear from him as often as I do. I cannot imagine what it would have been like in WWI when the method of communication was solely snail mail. (Especially since my letters to Pat keep getting lost in the mail.)

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