August 8, 2010

10 Months Old

Today Sean is ten months old. I know, I can hardly believe it myself. I feel like I just brought him home with me last month. While I still consider him my little baby, he's growing up and changing so fast. He's sleeping in his crib like a champ now. If it weren't for remembering how hard those few nights of transition were, I would wonder why I hadn't moved him back there sooner. The other morning I went in to get Sean, and he was standing up in his crib so proud of himself. Needless to say I then promptly lowered the crib down to the lowest level. But Sean definitely is loving his ability to pull up to standing. I think that is one of the developmental phases that I hate for my kids. I hate it because while they can pull themselves up, they usually do not know how to sit back down, or even fall back down without hurting themselves. I hate when they fall, and this new ability makes it very difficult for me to even run out of the room for just a second. Sean has also graduated from the Army crawl to the big boy crawl. Both my boys preferred the Army crawl for a long time before starting the real crawl, but Sean is now doing the real one. Sean is eating finger foods at every meal, but he definitely has preferences and these sometimes change day to day. One food he absolutely LOVES though is ice cream. Yes, he's had ice cream. I never gave Ryan any sort of sweets this young, but some how Sean got me to feed him ice cream. I guess I am more lax with my second child than I was with my first. Ryan and Sean are playing together more and more each day. It is so cute to see them interact. Part of me cannot wait until Sean is walking to see him play with Ryan. Overall, Sean is still a very happy and easy baby. He has moments of fussiness, but in general, I am so lucky for his easy going temperament. I hate that Pat is missing all these amazing stages of the kids development. I am torn between wanting to freeze time to stop the children from growing up and wanting to speed time up so that Pat can return and we can enjoy being a family again. Since I can't do either, I'm just trying to document the boys through pictures and videos to share with Pat. We're taking it day by day and soon we'll be together again to see all the wonderful things our kids will do.

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