August 14, 2010

The 2nd Day of School

I hadn't thought about it, but for a lot of the kids at Ryan's school the second day of school proved harder than the first. It seems the first day they didn't know what was happening, but by the drop off on the second day they understood and were protesting. As we waited in line to bring Ryan to his classroom the school was ringing with screams and cries. There is one little girl from his class that has been having a major tantrum all three times we've been to the school now. We can see that little girl having her fit down the end of the hall, another mother brings her screaming little girl into the line behind us, and as the woman a head of us gets to the teacher her child begins screaming and wailing as her mother runs out of the school. After all that, it is my turn to send Ryan into the class. He asks for my hand and seems a little nervous. We say hello to the teacher and give her his bag. Ryan walks right into the classroom and never looked back. I did look back and was so proud of what I saw. All the other kids were either crying for their parent or running around to play with all the toys. But Ryan sat alone at a table very quietly playing with a puzzle waiting for school to begin. I am beyond happy that he likes school so much. I already feel somewhat bad that he's away from me two mornings, I do not know if I could handle it if he didn't like it. I think this is going to be a great experience for my little boy, and I'm really glad we made the decision to send him to school.
Below is a photo of the caterpillar that Ryan made at his second day of school.

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