November 12, 2009

The Test

This week will be a test for me. Pat left for a week in the field this morning, so I'll have a week of two kids all by myself. I guess this is good practice for when Pat deploys. Honestly though, there are only two things that I am really worried about.
1. Keeping the house semi-clean. I always find my self more irritated when the living room is covered with toys and the kitchen is a mess. If I can keep up with the cleaning I know my attitude will be better.
2. My greatest challenge of this week will be bedtime. Around Ryan's bedtime Sean is always awake, cranky with gas, and hungry. I think it will be hard to put Ryan to bed if Sean is crying. If I could just manage to make Sean calm for a few minutes I think it will run smoothly. After a day or two, I'm sure I'll have it under control though.
We will see how this week goes. I'm sure I'll make more posts about this week as it goes on. Wish me luck!


Devon said...

Good luck Shelly! I know you can do it! I used to nurse Meredith while I read to Lucas at night. Once she had a full enough belly, I would tuck Lucas in and then put Meredith to bed. Hopefully you can find something that works for them both!

Jennifer said...

#2 is definitely tricky:) but you will get the hang of it...I went from putting Lydia down first for the first few months, and then would try to lay down, sleep, and nurse with Katrina during that time, (trying to get Katrina on Lydia's nap schedule and night schedule). Which ended up working. To make sure Katrina was happy during Lydia's nap/night time routine, I would try to nurse Katrina right beforehand and then have her in a bouncy seat, or in a swing while i put lydia down. Then as Katrina got into her routine, I started nursing katrina first. I would nurse Katrina and lydia would sit on the floor or sit by me and then we would read, sing and put katrina in her bed, then go to Lydia's room. This allowed me to enjoy more free time during their naps:) and so I was not having to nurse katrina for 30 minutes as Lydia slept:) Don't know if any of that makes sense:)

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