November 20, 2009

I made it.

I survived being a Mom of two with Pat in the field for a week. I won't say it was painless, but we made it. It definitely got easier as the week went on. It wasn't so much the having two that was the challenge. It was more the having a 2 year old (well in 8 days he'll be two, so close enough to those terrible twos). It took a bit of getting used to dealing with him because he was acting out from missing his Daddy. After a couple days, I had figured out what I needed to do to keep both of us sane. By yesterday things were smooth sailing, and Ryan and I were in a routine without many meltdowns. It felt like a long week without Pat though. It makes me dread the next deployment that much more because I'll be missing my partner and best friend. I'll get a little more practice though when he's gone for the month of February before the real deployment comes. For right now though, we are just glad to have him home.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Glad he is back home with you guys:)

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