November 2, 2009

Our Busy and Exciting Weekend

This weekend flew by and it seemed that our days alternated between feeling just too busy and being really fun.
Friday we went to Pat's BN Organization Day. We didn't end up staying long because it started pouring rain, but we were there long enough for Ryan to get out and have some fun running around. Getting everyone back to the car without getting soaking wet was a challenge. Luckily Pat was able to leave just behind me, so he was able to warm Ryan up with a bubble bath while I fed Sean when we arrived home.
Saturday we were busy running errands all morning. Ryan was starting to show signs of improvement in both his sleeping and his attitude which had both been affected by teething. He really had been miserable because of the two teeth coming through, so him napping and sleeping like the good boy he usually is came as a huge relief. Then like a whirlwind we got ready for the Trick or Treating. You can see a few of the photos I snapped in the post below. Ryan really loved running free and going up to all the houses. We only went to a few houses, but that was all he needed.
Sunday morning we spent doing cleaning in the house and looking at the newspaper. With the time change we were a bit thrown off. After nap time and lunch, we went out to the mall for a little break. It was a little disappointing that there weren't any great deals to be had, but it was fun to get out. Then we stopped at target and let Ryan walk free. Ryan was such a good boy, well at least until we hit the toy aisle that is. The best part of the day though was in the evening when we got back from the stores. Ryan went pee in the potty for the very first time. We are so proud of him. This morning he's already gone twice more too! I think this is an excellent start, and I don't mind starting slowly because with Sean it isn't like I could take him every 15 minutes right now. I'm just happy that he is grasping the concept and getting used to it.
I can't believe it's Monday already. I wish we always had 3 day weekends because I could totally use the extra day. Oh well...back to reality I guess.

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