November 9, 2009

Retail Therapy?

Yesterday we made a trip down to my favorite mall here. We tried to make it a quick trip so that Sean wasn't too far off his normal routine. I was really excited for some retail therapy, but I'm not sure it ended up so well. It isn't the best time to find clothes that make you feel great just a month after having a baby. I also was so very wrong about what clothes I had at home. I really didn't think I needed any tops and sweaters. It wasn't until I got home and looked in my closet that I noticed I don't have any nice looking clothes. I have plenty of casual--wear around the house clothes, but nothing that I would describe as nice tops. I did get some great shoes though so all was not lost. I got a fabulous pair of knee high black boots. I was pretty picky about what I wanted in a boot, and I actually found it. I also got a pair of brown suede clogs that are perfect for my casual clothes and oh so comfortable. And I picked up a pair of cute pewter flats that will dress up some of my casual clothes. I guess my next shopping mission will have to be finding some "nice" clothes, but nothing really caught my eye. Until the nice clothes are found, those boots may be living deep in my closet. Maybe I'll have better retail therapy in a few months.

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