November 14, 2009

Darn Cold

We are totally surviving Pat's time in the field. However, we've been hit with a darn cold. I had been fighting what I thought were allergies for a little while, but I've decided that it is more likely a cold. I can't stop sneezing and my nose won't stop running. It's getting sore from me wiping it so often. Ryan seems to have a cough with his cold, and this morning Sean was sounding rather congested. We plan to spend some quality time resting and nursing ourselves back to health. I heard from Pat yesterday morning, and he seems to have this cold too. Hopefully he can shake it before he comes home too.

I've realized that Ryan definitely acts out when Pat is gone. At first I wasn't sure if I was just being cranky or if it really was Ryan acting out. Well, I've decided that Ryan can become a slight brat when Pat is away. Yes, I'll admit my child can sometimes be a brat. He woke up in a pretty good mood today, but I didn't want a repeat of yesterday. I decided that I would set up the gift that Grammy and Grumps sent for Ryan's birthday. They sent Ryan Elmo's Restaurant. He's had so much fun with it already, and I am so thankful for the distraction for him. I will hopefully post photos of him with the toy later.

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