November 15, 2009

Random Ramble

Here are a few rambling thoughts:
*Being the Mom of a 2 year old (well almost) can be a thankless job. A 2 year old doesn't always appreciate their mother and at times they can intentionally try your patience.
*Ryan does not know what an indoor voice is and gets louder each time the baby is napping. Along with the loud voice comes a lot of banging objects to make loud noises.
*Pat and I are thinking about taking a family vacation this summer during the block leave period. We haven't quite figured out where we would like to go yet.
*Ryan always eats his dinner better when Pat is sitting at the table. Which means lately, he's being a picky eater and all my efforts in the kitchen are pointless.
*Sean is still congested, Ryan is still coughing, and I'm still sneezing.
*I must clean the house before the play date on Tuesday.
*Hot chocolate with peppermint coffeemate makes my morning peaceful.
*Ryan is still peeing in the potty and is doing it more. This morning his diaper has been dry all morning, and he's told me twice he has to go. Unfortunately getting a diaper or pull up on him after potty is always a challenge.
*I went to bed too late last night, and I'm sure I'll pay for it today.
That's all I can ramble about for now. Ryan is shouting and the baby is awake now.

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