June 11, 2009

No More

Just after Pat arrived home a few months ago, I posted about getting a new car. (Here is the link; the pic doesn't work anymore, but the post is still there.)  I've really found an appreciation for my car.  Sometimes I wonder if we really needed the "big" car, but I definitely got the answer before our trip to FL last month.  Even though we were flying down, our circus had to get to the airport (and kennel). Included in our journey was me and Pat, Ryan and his car seat, THREE dogs, two suitcases, three containers of dog food, three dog pillows, two carry on bags, and a stroller. Somehow we easily managed this in my car.  

So why am I raving about my car again?  Because I'm actually posting with excitement to share that today, I paid off our car loan.  Yay!  I know Pat is about as excited as I am about this.  No more loan payments :)  I figure this is a slightly early anniversary gift to the both of us.   

1 comment:

Robyn Mroszczyk, AFC said...

That is amazing! Didn't you just get it?!? Good job! I bet that feels awesome to be done with that :)

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