June 17, 2009

GPS Shopping Trip

This weekend Pat and I decided to use his new GPS to go to a mall we've never been to down in Nashville. It was a really fun trip. We did a lot of shopping. But most importantly Pat was really impressed with his GPS, and that made me feel good since it was my gift to him. The mall we went to was a much more upscale mall than the one we normally go to. (Just to put this into perspective there is a Tiffany & Co. inside this mall.) Many of the stores here I was not going to venture into, especially with my sometimes loud child, but there were a few stores that I was dying to go to. I was so excited to go to Sephora. I know I've mentioned before how I absolutely love this store. I picked up two products that I'd been waiting to get my hands on. Maybe I'll review them sometime later. While I was browsing Sephora, Pat had stopped at a watch kiosk because he needed a new watch for PT/work. I met up with him there and told him sometime I needed to get a cute little sporty watch. The prices were VERY reasonable, so Pat convinced me to get one since he was too. It didn't take much convincing because I love watches. Pat picked out this purple sporty one for me, and I'm very happy. (I still wonder if he picked purple to match the ring he gave me for the anniversary.)

While Pat was finishing up with the watches, I went into the hallmark store. Back when I was pregnant with Ryan, a friend of mine gave me an ultrasound photo frame. Ryan's u/s is on my dresser, and I look at it each night before bed. I really wanted to find another frame so that I could put Sean's photo up with Ryan's. I was quite lucky, because they only had one there. It is a very cute off white frame with cream matting and says, "Baby to Bee" with a picture of a little bumble bee. I thought it was perfect, so now I can look at both my boys' photos before I fall asleep. (I couldn't find a photo online of this, so use your imagination.)

We didn't really have any other stores to go into here so we decided to head out. While we were in the car Pat asked if we could make a trip over to our favorite mall in Nashville. I decided that Ryan was up for it, so we switched our destination on the GPS. The GPS once again proved itself invaluable.

We were letting Ryan walk a bit through the mall when Ryan spotted the carousel. He made a bee line straight for it. He watched and watched as it went around and would often point at it. It was such a cute sight to see; he had his little face pressed between the bars of the railing to watch the horses go. I asked Pat if he wanted to take him on, and Pat said not today. I don't know why Pat didn't take Ryan on, but we continued on our trip around the mall. I, however, felt very guilty and bad that Ryan didn't get to ride, so I made the decision that we'd stop in Build-a-Bear. We let Ryan pick out which animal he'd like. He was distracted by all the things to see and touch, but when we showed him the bear, he replied "Bear?" in his sweet little voice. That made the decision. He built a curly haired bear, and quite appropriately named him "Bear". Ryan sleeps with Bear in his crib and each time he gets up he wants to bring Bear with him. His interest in Bear usually only lasts about 2 minutes after he wakes up though, but it's super cute.
After building a bear, we went on to buy an outfit for Sean. Since they were on sale, Pat wanted to get two. Pat picked out the "Daddy's All Star" baseball sleeper. And we both agreed on the little lion sleeper to come home from the hospital in. The lion sleeper seems like the right outfit to come home in for a couple reasons to me. Ryan came home in the same sleeper only it was blue with dogs. Also, I don't know why, but a lion just seems right for Sean. It feels surreal to buy clothes that small though. I know that Ryan was once that tiny, but I almost don't believe it.

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