June 1, 2009

Busy Days, but Yummy too!

This whole weekend seemed to fly by.  I won't go into details of Friday night, but I'll say that I was the designated driver that was less than happy with her hubby.  Use your imagination ;)  

Saturday and Sunday, I'm not sure where the days went.  I know we played in the pool and ran some errands. Pat mowed the lawn, and that is just another reason I love having him home from deployments. Best of all, I got to go grocery shopping all alone.  It was so nice to be able to take my time and go back down aisles when I realized I forgot something.  I cannot even remember the other things we did.  We always seem so busy, but don't seem to get much done at the same time.  
Today Pat's unit had off.  This is a very rare thing.  It was actually to make up for a 3 day in which they were in the field.  I felt like we really needed today because the weekend was such a blur it was like it didn't even happen.  I got my haircut today.  I'm not sure how it looks.  I'll have to see how it is after I wash it myself and do it.  That is the thing, curly hair is hard to judge until you see how it is when you do it.  Either way I needed my ends cut off, and it feels better already.  I may not be cute, but at least I'm happy.  

Ryan had his 18 month well-baby visit today.  Pat got to see how the pediatrician's office is run. Thankfully he validated my opinion that it isn't the best quality care there.  
Ryan's stats were:
Height:  32.5"
Weight:  25lb 12 oz.  
He's following his own growth curve very well, and seems to be hovering right around the 50th percentile for both.    

For dinner tonight we're having turkey and homemade apple stuffing.  I even managed to whip up a little homemade gravy from my Mom's recipe.  I think her gravy is the best thing I've ever tasted.  I tried to explain to Pat tonight how it is like liquid gold.  I still haven't won him over to the gravy eating side, but believe me I will.  

Here are a few photos of the feast (photos of gravy and stuffing).  Hopefully sometime in the future I'll post my apple stuffing recipe.  

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Robyn said...

Ok, I want pictures of the hair (and belly!) and a recipe for the apple stuffing!!!

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