April 6, 2013

Why I Won't Be Doing Stitch Fix Again

I'm not usually one to throw a company under the bus, and I was raised that if I don't have anything nice to say that I shouldn't say anything at all.  Today, I'm going to give you my honest opinion on Stitch Fix because I would want someone to be honest with me before I spent money that I didn't need to.

As you know I tried out stitch fix a few weeks ago and posted about how my first fix was a bust, but I had high hopes for the next one.  Well, I received the second one.  The second one was better than the first, but I found some major flaws in the whole Stitch Fix business.  Here are the problems I see and how I would tell Stitch Fix to improve.

As you know I wasn't happy with my first fix.  Two basic problems existed in that fix:  1.) I specifically requested an item they had posted on instagram and they didn't send it and 2.) I really do not think they had looked at the Pinterest board I provided for inspiration of what I was looking for.    

Solution:  1.)  If someone requests an item and you are unable to send it, include a little note that you were out of their size (or whatever), and provide an alternative item that they may like in it's place.  This was not done for my first fix.  I was just left wondering if they had even read my request.
2.)  Since stitch fix asks for your Pinterest board for inspiration, maybe adding a note about including an item because it was similar to one you pinned would make the customer feel like you really were a personal stylist and not just shoving items in a box.
As a side note on this, I've read that some people have received notes like I am suggesting above, however, nothing was ever commented on in my fixes.    

I realize that the personal notes would take a bit more time, but it is supposed to be a Personal Styling service.  Let's add a little bit more personalization, Stitch Fix.

So on to my second fix.  The first problem was there were only 4 items in my box, but five were listed on the receipt.  That wasn't a huge deal because I am a totally believer that accidents happen.  But for me the MAJOR issue that I had with the second fix is some items Stitch Fix uses are available elsewhere at HALF the price.  Upon realizing this, I decided I cannot trust Stitch Fix.  Here, let me give you an example:

This shirt was in my second fix--Everly Pleated Sleeveless Polka Dot Blouse.

Cute, right?  I would have been impressed with this item if I hadn't googled it and found it online.
Stitch Fix price $68.  The same exact item can be purchased HERE for $34.  And that is not a sale price.  After realizing the price markup, I felt like Stitch Fix isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Another example that I found was this blouse that I've seen in other people's fixes--Everly Bird Print Blouse.
I'm not sure what Stitch Fix was charging for this item, but I can guarantee that it was more than you will pay if you buy it HERE for $34.

Those are just two examples.  I am pretty sure there are more out there.  

Solution:  My advice to Stitch Fix is that they need to stick with labels created just for their use--like their 41 Hawthorn line is I think.  People may be willing to pay the higher prices for the Stitch Fix items if that is the only way to get them.  And I do realize that the business model for Stitch Fix has an increased cost, but I'm not going to pay that extra cost if I can buy the same item elsewhere.  It's called comparison shopping, Stitch Fix.  Your making your company look bad and customers are losing trust in you when they realize they are paying way more money than necessary for the clothing.  

So if any of you blog readers are still enjoying getting fixes, my recommendation is to always google the brands to make sure you aren't paying too much.  Hopefully soon Stitch Fix will move to exclusive brands so that customers won't feel cheated when paying the Stitch Fix price.  

***Update to this post found HERE***


Alison said...

Thank you for your honesty Michelle! A few months ago I read lots of great SF reviews, and almost jumped on board (I even got on the wait list and did my style profile). I am really glad I didn't hop on the bandwagon. Some of the clothes are cute, but I've really never had a problem finding cute clothes (my problem is deciding to spend the money on something)......eventually I started noticing the people who raved about the company were getting their clothes for free or very cheap through their referrals. Which is great for them, but probably affects their reviews. Anyone would be happy with free clothes! I agree that the price markup is unacceptable. $70 on a $35 shirt is ridiculous!

The Fischer Family said...

Wow! What a bummer! I was waiting to see how you liked it before considering it. I won't be considering it now!

betsey millhouse said...

I felt this way to some extent at first too, but I would urge you or anyone to think of it differently. I have no affiliation but just received fix #1, and while I could track down items and etc., I feel like for me the idea is to get them sent to you and chosen for you -- I could find some of them, but would never have thought to look unless I got them and tried them. Then there's shipping, and paying and returning if the quality isn't good or they don't fit, whereas with a fix you can trust that they are decent, no up front charge. I settled on the theory of not looking for the items, not thinking about comparison shopping, and just doing it for yourself as a thing. I think it's just a way of thinking about it.

Nicole said...

I think it is important that you were honest. I would agree if you are selling a personal stylist service then you should be hitting the mark pretty close on their style likes. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I remember you posting about Stitch Fix and was curious how you liked the service.

Andi said...

I loved my first box from Stitch Fix, but my second box really disillusioned me. The first box was a good style hit but in the second I only wanted to keep one piece, which turned out to be a $68 blouse. I didn't want to lose the $20 styling fee, but I reasoned that I could buy a blouse I loved (instead of just liked) for the $48 I still had to settle up to keep this blouse, so returned the whole lot.

I was further disillusioned when I received a $12 order from Zulily and realized it was the exact same designer as one of my keepers from the first box. I feel like I can DIY the Stitch Fix effect by ordering cheap, trendy pieces that might be a little outside my norm from Zulily & by ordering from Modcloth and being prompt with returns.

Girls Club... plus two boys said...

Thank you for your honesty. I was on the wait list and was finally 'accepted' but I totally agree... I can bargain shop and find cute stuff for a fraction of these prices. It would be worth the mark up if the stylist REALLY 'knew' you and picked things specifically for your style/body type... but the more blogs I read, the more I notice that the stylist changes and preferences are being ignored. Now THAT is not worth the extra money.
Thank you for validating that little voice in the back of my head.

Lauren said...


So I am a lover of Stitch Fix but I also have had ups and downs with the company. I have looked before and found some of the tops on sale elsewhere. But I am thinking that I wouldn't have found these cute tops without the help of Stitch Fix.

Also, I have heard if you are specifically requesting an item and don't receive it. They are 1. out of the size 2. they think it might not fit for the body type that you put on the style profile.
Just some helpful suggestions:)

DMC said...

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with your readers. I think it's so important to give people both sides of the story. These subscription boxes are not perfect. But I've received nine SF boxes now and I've loved something in every one of them. My notes from the stylists are always personal. Part of that I chalk up to how thorough I try to be in the comments of each check-out experience. I'm seven months pregnant and each month the stylist (a different) one, shares why she chose a piece, how she thinks it will accommodate my tummy and wishes me a healthy pregnancy. They also frequently reference my Pinterest board. I live in a city where I can't always depend on the one mall, Target and TJ Maxx to deliver the style I'm accustomed to, so this box is perfect for me. I like to comparison shop, but that's not my primary reason for using this service. It's to be taken outside of my comfort zone, to have pieces that are unique to where I live and to have the convenience of the items coming to me. The service is not for everybody, but for me it has been worth it. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

Amber Dye said...

Thank you for you honest opinion :) I was looking into this but decided against it. I actually do enjoy going out and shopping and especially after reading your review it just affirmed my feelings on it. I can probably find clothes I love at a good price all by myself...

Stephanie Rogers said...

FYI, I just found a compant called "threadup" that sells 41Hawthorn clothing at nearly half the price SF sells (http://www.thredup.com/catalog/women/brands/4/19390). As Shelly mentioned, the items were drastically marked up on Stitch Fix where this website is showing a shirt for nearly double the price. Thank you for your honest feedback. I was skeptical and a friend told me to try StitchFix. I am canceling today.

Stacy said...

I also want to give up on Stitch Fix. I got my third today and it was just TERRIBLE. Nothing fit. It was all lose and baggy when I asked for fitted. I asked for colorful and got dark green, grey, black, and white...not colorful at all! My 2nd box they ignored my request not to send jewelry. I just wanted 20 dollars and I won't be doing that again. The problem is I have another 55 in credits, so I feel like I need to do it again to get rid of the credits before quitting.

Diane Moore said...

I just want to say that as a busy working mom (and a person who contributes a lot of time contributing to childhood cancer non-profits, I don't have time to shop for cute things (nor do I have the eye). I really enjoy Stitch Fix. My time is worth the mark up. At one point in my life I looked into hiring a stylist and it cost much, much more to hire her than it did to pay this addition markup cost. I am a woman who lost a 9 year old daughter to cancer. I always ask myself would I rather spend my time with my family than trying on clothes? YES! I would. Send it to me and if I love it great! It is worth an extra $15 and I can get on with spending extra time with my 17 year old who is only going to be home with me for another year before going off to college. Precious time. I only keep 2 or 3 of the items that the spend me but I am learning about brands that I never knew about when I was limited to the mall and TJ Max previously. I love it, but I realize that not everyone has the budget to take advantage. Just my .02 cents.

Samantha Haley said...

i tried stitch fix and hated it. i thought i was going to get a full outfit but nope. i got things i would never wear. and none of them went with anything i have. i think this stitch fix thing is a joke. there are other places that do this and will actually listen to what you like and don't like and will send you a full outfit not just some random things. keep searching lady's there are other company's who actually care and you and what you look like.

Your Barista said...

Direct from the StitchFix FAQ:

What if I see an item in my Stitch Fix package elsewhere for a lower price?

If you find an identical product at another online retailer within 7 days of receiving the item, we will match the lower price for you and for future clients receiving that product. Please email us the details of your item as well as a link to the lower-priced item to hello@stitchfix.com so our buying team can confirm; if the product is identical, we will match the lower price and credit you the difference. We do our best to ensure that our pricing is competitive and appreciate your help in making sure that this is always true.

Jacqui Baker said...

There's also Designer Mystery Box: It's a curated box of 3+ designer items, with a total retail value of $500+, specially tailored to your style for as low as $125 (depending on subscription chosen). You can get a $99 deal right now through Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/273326864/designer-mystery-box

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