April 11, 2013

1934 Cadillac

Since it is Thursday, I thought I'd do a little throwback post from my wedding.  The timing is pretty good too because tomorrow marks 10 years ago that Pat and I got engaged.  

I got married fairly young.  Pat and I were both 22 and had graduated college less than a month before our wedding.  It was obviously before the days of planning a wedding on Pinterest.  I had never really thought about planning my wedding.  In fact my knowledge of anything wedding related was limited.  I had hardly even attended weddings at this point.  We were the first kids from our families and friends to get married.  I really didn't know what I was doing when I was planning all the details.  I was pretty easy to please with everything because I didn't really know what I wanted to begin with.  

However, there was one big splurge that I really wanted, and I was so lucky that my parents gave in for this extravagance because it is a part of the wedding that I won't forget.  When we were looking at limousines, I saw that one company had a 1934 Cadillac as an option.  I'm not a car girl, but the classic beauty and vintage detail was exactly what I wanted for my wedding day.  We were already getting a limo to transport the wedding party, so this would be extra money.  My parents were already so generously paying for our wedding, and I felt terrible to ask them for anything more.  My parents knew how much I wanted this car to be at my wedding though, so they decided to go for it.  It was a beautiful car, and it allowed me and Pat to sneak a quiet moment together on the way to the reception.   

Despite my apathy toward many of the choices during planning, this was one that really represented me.  It was one of my favorite details from my wedding.  Thank you again, Mom and Dad, not only for the 1934 Cadillac but also for a beautiful and very special wedding day.    


Kate @ Daffodils said...

I was 23 when we got married and didn't really care about the details either. My big thing was a big dance floor and an open bar (priorities, right?). My little sis in law just got engaged (and is 23) and weddings have taken on a whole new level due to pinterest. I am glad we did it in simpler times!

The Fischer Family said...

I was 21 when we got married but I was all about my wedding! lol- the one thing I didn't care as much about was the transportation. Steven's cousin, who was our best man, drove us from the church to the reception in his mom's Camry! lol- but it was just us and it was fun! If I had had a car like that though-wow! Gorgeous! And I agree with Kate...I'm glad Pinterest wasn't around when we got married! We were able to do our entire wedding, including our honeymoon to Hawaii for $10,000. Today that would be unheard of and it's all Pinterests fault! lol-not really but could you imagine!?!?

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