April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap and Vent Session

We had a really nice weekend. Although since Pat had to work Saturday day, it kind of felt like a one day weekend.  And of course we had plans for that one day.

Sunday we attended mass at our new church.  If I'm being honest, I will confess it's been a while since we went to church mostly because it's been hard to get the kids to sit through it.  Our new church is fairly small inside, and unfortunately there is no crying room.  The boys are finally able to sit quiet and still through most of the mass, and right now Leah is young enough to get away with some talking during the service.  However, I can see that pretty soon she's going to be the one making attending difficult.  I am so happy that we were able go as a family though.

After church we were meeting Pat's friend at the local zoo.  It is a very small zoo in our town/city.  Although it is small and only has a few exhibits, I think we will be getting a lot of use out of our membership.  Inside the zoo there is a splash pad for the summer.  I cannot wait till it is warm enough for that.

Because it is still cold here many of the animals weren't out, but the boys loved it none the less.  Check out these two meerkats.  Meerkats always remind me of the prairie dogs we loved to watch in Oklahoma.

Oh wait, now there are three!

And if that isn't the prettiest little bird/owl I've ever seen, I don't know what is.

After the zoo we headed out to Friendly's for lunch.  All the boys love going there, especially my hubby.  

While it was a fun Sunday, it ended on a sour note. As I was putting Leah to bed, Pat came up and told me that Sammy, our pug, was on the deck and his foot was bleeding. I run down stairs, and sure enough it seems he has cracked his toe nail at the base of it. The last time this happened do you want to know how much it cost? $645. You can read about that time here. My stomach is in my throat thinking about it because I have been trying so hard to save money for a big house project we are planning, which just seem to be getting bigger and more expensive every day.
So Sammy will be going to the vet today.  And we still need to find a local vet.  I hope I can say this trip is much less expensive than the last one.
That brings me to my vent. I am feeling frustrated and overwhelmed lately. I keep telling this to my husband and he just isn't getting it. Right now I feel maxed out on the responsibilities I can handle. I am doing what I can, but I still feel like things are falling through the cracks. I am getting bitter because Pat never seems to be around. He works during the day. One night a week he has class.  Now work is also taking part (or sometimes all) of his weekends, and it seems whenever he isn't working he's trying to have a social life. The little things at home are not getting done, liking trimming Sammy's nails. When I bring this up I either get a nod of the head (which I consider a blow off) and nothing else or he'll say "tell me what I need to do". The problem is that I cannot keep track of it all. I think I've reached maximum capacity trying to hold it all together.  I cannot tell Pat what to do because I can't keep track of EVERYTHING, and I'm beginning to feel like a failure.

So that is how my Monday is beginning.  I guess it can only go up from here, right?


Anonymous said...

Aww I hope Sammy's okay and it's an inexpensive fix. My husband and I have the exact same problem. He gets so caught up with work and friends that he forgets to help at home. It's hard because I don't want to treat him like a child or micromanage him, but sometimes that's what I have to do to get some help. Lists work well with him. It's a good visual for him to realize that there's a lot to get done. Hope it all gets easier.

Amber said...

That is MY zoo in my hometown! As soon as I saw the first picture I knew you were in my hood. When we move home I plan on getting a pass there too, my brother and sister-in-law are less than a mile away and are there all the time.

And you had to mention friendly's, why not post a picture at Papa Gino's and shoot me right through the heart. :)

Monica said...

You're definitely not a failure. It should be your sole responsibility to take care of EVERYTHING! Sounds like you're pretty much the sole provider for your 3 little ones. I think he should probably cut down on "trying to have a social life" if he's that busy at work. Social life should be the first thing to go, ESPECIALLY before family/ spouse time together. I hope things improve for you! I suggest having a true heart to heart with him. Maybe it'll help?

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Hope everything went okay with the vet and I am sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. Is there any way you can get a sitter once a week so you can have some 'me' time to get organized or just let your brain rest? A friend and I swap kids once a week for an hour just to take a break and it does wonders for me! Good luck, and use the blog to vent, sometimes jsut getting it out helps!

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