March 23, 2013

My First Stitch Fix

I've told you about Stitch Fix before.  It's a personal shopping service.  You sign up and they send you 5 items to try on.  It is $20 to receive a box, but if you buy anything your $20 goes toward the cost of the item(s).  You can schedule boxes for whenever you want them.  Ask me if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to give you more details. And if you use my referral link, I get $25 credit....and then when you get your friends to sign up with your link you'll get $25 for yourself.

So my first box came.  Once it was shipped I was googling the contents that were listed inside it to see if I could find any pics online.  I am awful about surprises, just ask my husband.  So after finding a few items, I began to worry that my whole box was going to be black and white.  It wasn't all black and white.  Here's what I got.

See there are two items of color.  You'll have to forgive me I don't have the names of the brands anymore.  So I'll just describe as best as I can.  My items ranged from $58-118.  The $118 was pretty much a no before I even saw the item.  For me to spend that on one item it has to be the most amazing piece of clothing I've ever seen.

This was a knit top with heart detailing.  I had seen it online and was very happy to see it in my box.
See the cute heart details?  I liked this top, but I just didn't love it.  I didn't feel like I would keep grabbing it out of my closet.  I tend to prefer longer tops than this one too.  It was definitely cute though.
The detail of the back was also really pretty, but again, just not perfect for me.

This top was an absolute no before I even tried it on.  Just so not my style.  And the bare eyelets on the midsection, really?  I kind of feel like someone could pull this shirt off, but that someone isn't me.

This was a french terry blazer with lace detail.  I had asked for a blazer and told them I was hoping for the pink one I had seen online.  Obviously they cannot accommodate every request, but this one was just not a good substitute.

Don't get me wrong.  I do like this blazer, quite a bit in fact.  But this was the $118 item.  And a cream colored blazer for a mom of three little ones is just not the brightest idea.
This was a very light, soft, and comfortable material, but I had been hoping for a bit of a more traditional and structured blazer.
It had cute detailing, but honestly the unfinished edges made me feel like I'd be CRAZY to pay that amount of money on this item.  If you have this or love it, I'm sorry.  I like it, just not so much that I'd pay that amount of money for it.

This next dress was okay.  It's a drawstring dress.  It was a very soft, silky material; nicer in person than it appeared in pictures.  It's something I could totally wear, but I just didn't like it that much.  This is when I began to question if they had looked at the information sources, like pinterest, they had on what types of styles I liked.
It had a pretty sporty feel to me.  I like more feminine dresses.  So another item that there wasn't anything wrong with, but it just wasn't me.   I had hoped for a cute dress, but this one wasn't very cute.
The part that bothered me the most was probably the neckline/shoulder area.  It was a high neck and wide shoulders.  I think there has to be more flattering and prettier dresses out there for me.

I thought this last blouse could be a winner until I saw the ruffle on the sides.  It was a great orange color and had a cutout detail at the neckline.  It was nice and long too.

I liked the material and cut of the shirt in general...but...
The shoulder ruffle that looked like wings just didn't do anything for my body.  I could have kept this one, and I think I would have worn it the most.  However, I just didn't feel very confident in it.

So I guess you could say my first fix was a bust.  I was kind of disappointed, but I did enjoy the anticipation and excitement of trying things on.  I have already scheduled my next fix for a few weeks from now.  I gave very detailed feedback on the above items and told them exactly types of items I was looking for in my next fix.  I am hopeful that I'll keep something from the next box.  

I really do think it is a fun service to try.  Even though I didn't keep anything, I am happy with my experience.  In a few weeks I'll hopefully be sharing all the items I kept from my next fix.  

If you'd like to sign up, just click HERE.  


Anonymous said...

Bummer! I've been following the Stitch Fix reviews for a while, and your first fix does seem a bit of a bust. Too bad, hopefully the next will be better!

Kate@StillRoomToGrow said...

I agree with you, nothing in that box to swoon over, anxious to see how the next box goes!

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