April 25, 2013

In Memory of Kindness

I know that everyone has heard enough of the events of last week in Boston, but I feel the need to write about what is on my heart and mind.

Yesterday was a day to honor the MIT Police Officer Sean Collier who was killed by the terrorists as they tried to continue their reign of terror over our city.  I don't want to focus on how Sean Collier died, and I certainly do not want to give any more attention to the criminals who hurt so many people.

But I cannot stop thinking about this young police officer.  He was 26 years old.  He had so much ahead of him.  His life was falling into place as he was living his dream of being a police officer.  He chose a career of service and protection to other people.  However, it wasn't just through his job in which he made his mark on our community.

The more I hear about Sean Collier, the more I realize how much the world lost the day he was taken.  Even as a young college student Sean Collier donated money to The Jimmy Fund on a regular basis.   When he saw a woman crying in a local restaurant, his first thought was that he wanted to help that woman.  I am sure you can find the heartwarming stories that his family has shared on the internet if you want to know more.

Sean lived his life making a difference in the lives of those around him.  He didn't do it for the attention though.  In fact, you would never have heard about these little acts that Sean Collier did on a regular basis if he hadn't tragically and senselessly had his life taken.  And my guess is that Sean Collier was fine that.  He just wanted to help others.

If there is one bright spot that can come from so much sadness, let it be Sean Collier setting an example for the rest of us to follow.  Let's remember how he cared for others and wanted to make positive changes.  It's sometimes the small and simple acts that we do for others that make big statements.  Sean's life is a testament to how simply caring can make a huge impact on so many other people.  I never met Sean Collier, but I want to remember him by trying spread the kindness he showed in his life everyday.  I can only hope that the darkness of all this tragedy will lead to more light shining in this world.  

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