April 26, 2013


Ryan had his first ever soccer game the other weekend.  He absolutely loved it.  It is so cute to watch him learning something new.  It's good for him to get his energy out and play with little friends too.  

They have little fields and play 4 V 4 for about 24 minutes each week.  It's nothing serious and just pure fun.  
 It's helping Ryan learn the rules of the game.

 So this is how he dribbles the ball down the field.
It may be the cutest thing ever.  
 I cannot help but smile when I watch him trying so hard and being so adorable.
 What a stud!
 Here he goes again.
 He looks like such a big boy here.  If he plays soccer when he's older, I am so going to have to compare this photo to one when he's a teenager.
 Can you see the little smirk on his face?  He's loving it!

So now that I posted all the photos, let me tell you two quick stories about soccer with Ryan.

The first week, Ryan (and all the kids) had a lot to learn about the basic rules of the game.  I'll never forget one of Ryan's first plays in the game.  The ball goes out of bounds over the goal line.  There is a field just behind the field we are on.  Everyone stops waiting for the referee to bring the ball back....everyone except for Ryan that is.  Ryan goes and gets the ball and starts dribbling it down the field....only it isn't the field they are playing on, it's the field behind theirs.  He dribbles it all the way down that field and shoots at the furthest net.  The poor kid was so happy.  Everyone was just looking at him.  He hadn't a clue that what he was doing wasn't the norm for the game.   He was proud and so was I, and it really was such a cute sight ;)

This past week at his second game I tried to explain to him that when the other team has the ball, you can try to take it away from them.  Ryan never tried though, even when he was the only one defending the goal.  After the game I asked him why he didn't try to take the ball away from the other team, and he said, "They're friends too, and they need to win sometimes."  I couldn't argue with that!

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Hailey LoveLaughterandLipstick said...

I can't wait for my boy to play soccer or baseball! I love taking my girl to dance, but they go into a room and I don't see anything. I look forward to taking him to practice and sitting outside watching him learn to play. I love that he didn't want to take the ball away, such a gentleman. :)
Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

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