August 23, 2011

Perfect Saturday

Saturday was what I would consider a perfect day.  I had so much fun spending it with the family.  We REALLY needed a day like that.

We made a quick stop at the downtown farmer's market in town.  I love walking around there.

Next we drove to Nashville because the hubby needed new running shoes, and there is an AWESOME little store down there that fits them to your feet.  (Just ask if you want more info about the running shoe store.)

After the stop for shoes, we headed to a near by park for a picnic.  I LOVE having picnics.  The park we went to in downtown Nashville has a replica Parthenon which is also an art museum.  It was the perfect backdrop for a picnic, and I love that the park is so large that you aren't surrounded by other people.

The boys were all in good moods and seemed to be enjoying the day.

 Pat and I received not one but two picnic baskets for our wedding (yes over 7 years ago).  I may not use them often, but any chance I get you will find me packing our lunch in them.

After lunch we headed to the playgrounds that were right across from our picnic spot.  The boys love it there.  I loved that the playgrounds were built around large trees to provide lots of shade.  You can totally see the joy on the boys' faces in these photos.

Sean loves following his big brother.

After playing at the playground we decided to go over to the Parthenon.

Pat convinced me to go inside.  I am never fond of taking the boys into any museum.  I was pretty thankful that it was free for military families, especially since our trips into any museum are a short-lived fast paced walk through.  We can glance at all the artwork, comment on how beautiful it is, and then move on before the kids get too wild.  There were some AMAZING art pieces there though.  I'm glad we stopped in there.
 42' recreation of Athena statue.  

I could not have asked for a better Saturday.



Anonymous said...

That reminds me of the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief! Glad you had a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a perfect weekend! You made me want a picnic basket now :)

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