August 29, 2011


At Ryan's preschool they have a gold fish.  The children take turns feeding the fish, and that is a job that Ryan is very excited for.

Over the past year Ryan had been very interested in the fish whenever we went by them in a store.  He would ask for one, and I'd tell him maybe when his Daddy came home.

Daddy has been home 4 months (I can't believe that, but more on that later) and thankfully the subject of a fish never really came up...until Ryan started back at school.

This weekend when it came up, I agreed with Ryan that getting a fish was a good idea.  I must have been in a delusional moment.  Saturday morning we headed out to the store and picked up a Betta fish.  We originally intended to get two fish.  However after talking with the people in the store and doing a lot of research we decided a single Betta would be the best choice.  Betta fish are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish and do better in a tank by themselves.  So we are now the proud family of a blue Betta fish.  We let Ryan pick his name out, and Ryan decided our little blue fish should be named Goldfish.  I think it is adorable.

Here is Goldfish.  The pictures don't do his beauty justice.

Do you or have you had a fish?  Any tips?  I just hope I can keep him healthy and happy.  



Lisa said...

I'm a terrible one to give any advice about fish--we have had several and have killed them all within a short amount of time! Don't know what exactly we do wrong. I hope yours has a long and happy life! : )

Anonymous said...

We used to have a beta. They are beautiful fish & quite easy to care for. Goldfish is an adorable name!!!

Christina said...

that is a beautiful fish. We had a fish years ago and he lived about 3 1/2 years. I don't know how but we changed his tank a lot, probably more than we should have and he went from bowl to tank and then went through 3 house moves with us in HI. I am guessing just taking good care of him and keeping him as clean as possible and reading up on this kind of fish. I put my goldfish in a tank from a bowl because I read goldfish are stressed in small spaces even though goldfish bowls are popular so you may want to read up and if need be buy a small tank. They are easy to maintain if they are small. If you end up being re-stationed then the humane society may take it, ours did in HI. Although we thankfully had our fish his whole life.

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