July 14, 2011

Take a Deep Breath

I need to step back and take a deep breath.

I am a person and parent that gets flustered easily.  That is one of my shortcomings.  When I am out of my element, I struggle.

I'm finding myself being challenged with the boys right now.  We're staying at my family's house.  The boys are into everything, and it is quite difficult to calm them down.  They are perfecting their skills at ignoring everything I say.  Because we are out of our home, routine, and normal surroundings, I cannot get a break from them.  My patience is wearing thin.  I am constantly saying "no" and running around to keep them occupied and out of trouble.

I am overwhelmed, and it is stressing me out.  When I am stressed, I am cranky.  I am hoping that a few minutes of deep breaths will help because right now I could use all the help I can get.

No matter how challenging they are, there are moments each day that make me smile.  These are the moments that I will remember, all the rest doesn't matter.
Holding hands.
Even if they are super cute, I sometimes still need to take a step back and clear my head though.  What do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed and out of your element?



Anonymous said...

Drink a glass of wine, go for a run, and read a book (not all at the same time though!).

I am sorry that you're getting frazzled. It is good that you recognize it thought and realize you need to take a step back. You're a mom, not superwoman. :)

PalouseMom said...

Oh how I know that feeling you are describing!! I take the deep breath route and remind myself how blessed my life is, even when it challenges me. That usually helps for at least 15 minutes... :)

AnNaRicHiE said...

I put myself in time out" ,I go to the bathroom,lock the door and pray.Then after that I am calm.Of course this is not all the time..but praying helps.

AnNaRicHiE said...

I forgot to tell you ,the boys are so cute with their matching outfit! do you dress them same outfit all the time?same color>

Michelle said...

If you're with your family, is there any way they could let you escape for a little bit? My kids and I just got back from 2 weeks away at my family's in FL. My youngest got a little crazy every now and then. She had several huge breakdowns while we were there. Good Luck!

Jessica said...

oh how I completely understand...actually its been like this all weekend...I feel ya.

Love the picture ;)

Julie said...

They are so cute!

When I get like that I try to read a good book, have some ice cream and remember this too shall pass.

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