July 21, 2011


My parents have a raspberry patch in their back yard.  It's a bit ironic because they totally are not the garden or grow your own food type.  Thankfully the raspberry patch is a hearty and resilient plant.  It does not take much care at all.  And for as long as I can remember this patch has flourished with berries.

I arrived in town just slightly past the prime picking time, but there were still plenty of berries left on the vines.  Sean is a big fan of the raspberries.  In fact one morning I knew Sean went out the dog door (they have huge dogs, so it isn't a small door).  When I went out to check what he was up to, Sean was no where to be found.  I started getting frantic calling his name, and out he came from the raspberry patch having a snack.  He's now done this disappearing act multiple times.  Whenever we are near the raspberries, Sean requests a few.

The best thing about the raspberries here is that my parents make the absolute best raspberry jam.  I would love to be able to keep up that tradition in my house.  I just need a big back yard with a raspberry patch first.  It's on my to do list though!


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Poekitten said...

We have TONS of blackberry bushes and one small raspberry bush. I love them! I'm hoping to make jam this year:) Can't wait till they're ready to eat!

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