June 9, 2008


I had two visitors this weekend, which caused a lot of commotion at my house.  One visitor was my mother-in-law, and here is a picture of my other visitor.
Yup, that really is a giant snake!  (or at least what I consider to be giant)  I went outside to see what my dogs were yelling at and saw that they were yelling at something in my yard.  I knew it was a snake before I saw it.  I just didn't know that it would be BIG!  I got my dogs in safe and the snake finally went away.  Now I'm constantly on guard checking my back yard. 

I don't feel like giving a recap of the rest of the weekend, so this will have to do for now.  

1 comment:

Mroszczyk Family said...

OH MY GOSH SHELLY!!! I didn't know it was going to be that big!!!!!!!! That totally trumphs the two little snakes in our house, oh my heart is beating so fast!!

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