June 26, 2008

2 Months Down

So I've officially made it 2 months into the deployment.  I'm excited that I've made it this far, but honestly it doesn't seem like much when I know that I still have at least 6.5 months more to go.   Although, even that doesn't sound too bad.  I know I'm getting lucky if that is the case because this will be a short deployment, and he'll even get R & R.  Pat is being kept super busy with all the missions they have going on.  He works at least 14 hour days if not more 7 days a week.  In one respect he really likes the role he is playing coordinating artillery fire with his unit, but in another way he cannot wait to get back to a unit where he's not the only FA guy.  So it seems like this deployment and unit are just a "notch on the bedpost" of his Army career.  

Next month I am traveling home for a week.  With all that will entail, I'm sure that month will fly by too.  Soon I'll be another month closer to seeing Pat again, and I cannot wait.  

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