June 27, 2008

Early Morning

It's an early morning here.  Recently the dogs have been getting up really early, but today Ryan decided he wanted to play instead of sleeping.  I don't really mind waking up so early, especially when Ryan is happy and playful.  Being up early will give us an earlier start on our grocery shopping later this morning anyway.  

Now that Ryan is mobile he's trying to get into everything.  Here are a couple pictures of what he likes to do now.

I absolutely love all the fun we get to have each day.  He is so amazing, and such a happy little boy.  Yesterday I was making a mental list of all the things I love about Ryan, but then I decided that list would be way too long to share.  But since I'm mentioning it, I'll share a few of them now:  
I love the way he snorts when he laughs.  
My favorite sound in the world is his laugh.  He laughs so hard that I sometimes wonder if he can breath.    
I love how he raises his eyebrows when looking at people.  
I'm happy that he seems to recognize his Daddy when he looks at the flat daddy poster on the wall and smiles at him.  
Speaking of his smile, it always melts my heart.  
I could go on and on...but I'll stop there.  

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