June 18, 2008

Phone Calls

Today I waited and waited for the phone call I was pretty sure would come.  We hadn't talked for a few days, and his e-mail led me to believe I'd hear from him today.  Finally this afternoon the phone rang with a strange number, and I knew it was him.  Unfortunately for me, there was a horrible delay between what we would say and the other person hearing it.  (For those who don't know:  this delay is not abnormal during deployments.)  Okay I've dealt with this many times before, but this time it was the worst it has ever been and was about 40 sec. delayed.  Since he was using a computer to make this call he said he'd try to talk to me over the computer using a different program.  We hang up, and I promptly wait by the computer.  While waiting, I decided to change Ryan's diaper.  I bring the laptop and place it on the bed.  Little beagle Bailey couldn't see the computer and jumped on the bed, right on top of my laptop.  A minute later Pat calls.  I can't hear anything and the volume button isn't working right.  CRAP!  So I try to type to him to tell him I can't figure it out yet and to hold on.  GREEK!  Yup, the computer is typing in Greek.  (maybe not Greek, but it sure looked like it to me)  After a few frantic moments and help from my sister, I figure out one of the buttons is stuck pushed down.  I release it and all is right with the computer.  But again, bad luck the delay is on that program too.  We cannot carry on a conversation.  DARN IT!  It's one of those days where I really just wanted to talk to him, and the universe is conspiring against me.  Thankfully he would not relent on his mission to talk so he walked over to the phones, and finally we were able to talk. 
Phone calls are one of the "gifts" he is able to give me during a deployment that really brighten my day.  Although I have to admit, they also can be hard.  In one phone call you must get your fill of everything.  You have to talk about household business, what is going on with all the family, events that have happened since the last time you talked, and usually last on the list of things is the conversation that would normally be had between a husband and wife.  I find it very hard to cram this all into one phone call.  I feel the pressure to make sure I tell him everything, but I always think of more as we hang up.  I cannot wait for the days when I can call him again, or we can talk as we fall asleep at night.  I miss him so much.  While I absolutely love hearing from him, I loathe the fact that our interaction is limited to one phone call.  But since that is the way it has to be, I cannot wait for the next phone call.  

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