October 29, 2012

Leah's Ladybug Nursery

Continuing with the tour of our new home, here is one of the rooms I was most excited about decorating.  This is Leah's nursery.  I had it planned out since before she was born, and couldn't wait to finally create a nursery for my baby since this was the first (and last time) I would actually fully decorate a baby's room.

So here it is:

I thought these were full length curtains when I bought them, but it turns out they were only 63". I actually like the shorter length better for the nursery anyway.  The picture frame was a gift and I still need to get a printed photo to put into it.  The blanket on the glider was given to us from the hospital.
I wanted this ladybug bedding set for years if I ever had a girl.  And knowing I would name her Leah made the set even more perfect.  Coincidentally, I got really lucky.  Shortly after we found out Leah was a girl, I went to look at the bedding set online again.  It was on clearance!  I'm not only lucky that I got a good deal, but a few days later it was completely sold out.  I'm so thankful I checked out the website that day or else I would have lost out on the set I really wanted.
Here is a better view of the quilt.

Here are the nursery letters I painted.  I like doing crafts, but they hardly ever turn out like planned.  I could not be more proud of how these turned out though.
Here is a mobile I created.  It is scrapbook paper mod podged onto cardboard cutouts.  It was my first time using mod podge, and this is another craft I am proud of.

Here are a few details in the nursery.  The hamper we got at target and the colors work perfectly in the room.  The closet pull was left in another room by the previous owner so I moved it into Leah's nursery.  The lamp we got at Ocean State Job Lot for $7.
Here is a photo of the hair bow holder and a bookcase my father built for me when I was a kid.  It's nice that I can use it for my child now too.  All the pink outlet covers and stuff were in another room from the sellers, and I moved them into this room.  
And a close up of the hair bow holder I made.  You can read all the details about that HERE.  

So I think it is a perfect room for my perfect little girl :D

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