October 2, 2012

Early Birthday Party

One of the things I missed the most living far away from family was not being able to share holidays and birthdays with them.  Now that we're back in the same state though that is going to change.

This weekend my sister hosted a birthday party for Sean.  It's about a week early because next weekend we'll be moving.  I cannot thank my sister enough for putting it all together.  It meant so much to me and Sean that he could have a real party.

Sean wanted a dog party.  My sister did a great job decorating to fit his theme.

We had puppy chow.
 And dogs in a blanket.
And there was the dog birthday cake.  Since all my cake decorating supplies are currently in a POD, we bought the cake.  It would have been easy enough to make it myself if I had my supplies.  Sean was so excited to see his dog cake.  
But the best part was being together with family and watching all the kids play together.

 Sean was all smiles at cake time.

It was a great party, and I cannot wait to celebrate many more birthdays with everyone.  

1 comment:

Julie Danielle said...

What a super cute birthday party! I bet it is so nice to celebrate with family :)

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