October 3, 2012

Things to Love in October

I'm really excited that October is here.  I feel like I've been waiting for this month for so long, but I guess it's only been 6 weeks, although that has been long enough.

Here are some of the happenings that we have to look forward to:

*Thursday night we'll get Pat at the airport.  It's been almost 6 weeks since the kids saw him last.  We've done two facetime sessions, but that just isn't enough.  The boys miss their daddy.

*Friday we close on our new house.  I am so excited.  I cannot wait to see our new home.  We have very little time to settle in before Pat leaves again, so we'll start working on settling in and making the house our home that afternoon.

*Saturday all our stuff will arrive.  I am not so much looking forward to unpacking, but I will be happy when everything is in it's place.

*Halloween at the end of the month in our new home is an exciting thought.  I think we have a great neighborhood for trick or treating.

One last thing that is exciting about October that everyone can be happy about:

*Mandarin Moon is the scent of the month for Scentsy.  You can order it for 10% off all month long.  I've opened an online order party on my website if you'd like to order.  Click HERE.

For centuries, people have been giving the gift of juicy citrus to brighten the dark winter months.  Light up this season with Mandarin Moon--spirited cinnamon and glowing ginger illuminated by sweet orange and star anise.  
So far everyone I've heard from likes this scent.  It is a nice citrus smell that is warmed by the spices.   I think it is a great cozy scent for this time of year.  

I'll post pictures and update about the move as soon as I can.  We won't have internet at the house for a few days, so hopefully by the time that is up and running we'll almost be all settled.  Until then, Happy October!

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The New Normal said...

I hope that move has gone well for you guys! Looking forward to seeing photos of the new place!

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