October 22, 2012

4 Months Old

I missed posting Leah's 4 month old photos here earlier this month, so I'm going to catch you up with them now.

She is changing so fast right now.  She's turning from my little baby to my little girl.  She loves getting attention and will often whine and fuss if I don't focus on her.  She loves hanging out with her mommy and big brothers.  The boys can always make her smile.  She's going to love playing with them when she's bigger.

She's teething as you can tell in the first photos.  Hopefully soon the bottom teeth will cut.  She sleeps terribly, and would love it if mommy would hold her and feed her all night long.  That will have to change at some point, but for right now I enjoy our quiet moments to cuddle.

She looks a lot like her daddy.  She is overall a happy baby and very sweet to her mommy.  I also think she must be a pretty patient girl since she puts up with all the chaos that seems to be going on in our lives.

I could not ask for more.  

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