October 20, 2012

Family Room

Wow Blog, long time no write, huh?  And how uncool of me to make my comeback on a Saturday.

So we are moved into our new house.  We have an amazing neighborhood.  I cannot even count how many neighbors have stopped by to introduce themselves.  The neighborhood is also full of kids.  I could not be happier.  I love everything about my house.  My new furniture finally arrived, and I am starting to feel like I'm home.

But in contrast to all that positive, there is a little negative.  Pat isn't here yet.  It's hard for this to feel like our home when we haven't spent any time together here.  Another negative is that I'm really struggling to do everything alone and raise three children.  Taking care of two alone was hard, three I'm finding it next to impossible.  I feel like I am failing them on a daily basis, but that is a post for another time.

One of the things I wanted to do was show you the new house.  I decided to start with our family room.  This is what I call the boys' tv room.  It is where their toys are kept.  If we watch tv together this is where we go.

We kept the paint color the sellers had.  We still have to add some photos to the wall.  I want to put up photos of the kids, but as of right now I only have photos of the boys.  I'll need to get a photo of the three of them.  Did you notice we have a sectional sofa in this room?  I've always wanted a sectional.  I probably would not have thought to put one in this room.  After all, it isn't a very large room, but the sellers had one in there so I knew I could work one in too.  I think it will be a great spot for family time.  Did you see the huge ottoman too?  My mother gave me that as a house warming gift.  The kids love to lay across it, and it is awesome to put your feet up on at the end of the day.

Across from the sofa is the fireplace with the tv mounted above it.  We have glowing pumpkin lights that my dad got for the boys and a few buckets of storage for toys.  We are trying to keep the toys to a reasonable number in the house.  

Something I never had in my previous houses were windows to the front.  My living rooms always faced the back of my house.  I love to be able to look out and see what is going on in the neighborhood.  On this side of the room we are keeping some of the larger toys the boys play with.  How about those curtains?  Ocean State Job Lot for a total of $14.  And the curtain rods are from Christmas Tree Shop $3.99 a piece.  I love some of the great deals I can find in New England.  

When I knew I was going to have a green room, I knew exactly what warmer I wanted from Scentsy.  I bought Bandeau.  It is "whimsically stacked pale-green saucers lean to and fro" and it matches perfectly.  This warmer has a reactive glaze, which means it has a hand-crafted look and every warmer is unique and may vary slightly from one another, plus it glows when lit.  I love the way it looks at night.  
Speaking of Scentsy, I caved and created a facebook page.  I am very close to my first promotion, and there is so much I love about the products.  I would be forever grateful if you could go like my page for me.  Click HERE

I hope to show you more rooms very soon and thanks for being so patient with me!

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Julie Danielle said...

What a cute house! I am sorry Pat isn't with you yet :( Hopefully it won't be too much longer for you. Good job on getting close to promotion and starting your own Facebook page :)

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