September 26, 2012

So Much To Say

It's been so long since I've written that I have so much to say.  It's been a bit crazy and stressful lately, so I just didn't feel like sharing for a while.  But now I'm ready to fill you in on everything that has been going on.

We're still at my parents house.  Only about a week and a couple days until I am officially a homeowner again.  Yesterday I drove through our new town (actually it's a city).  And I drove by our new house too.  That was my first time seeing it.  I only got a quick glimpse, but I liked what I saw in my neighborhood.  Can you believe we bought a house in a city I had never explored and a house I had never seen? Yeah sometimes I cannot believe it either.  

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It's a great deal and a perfect time to start Christmas shopping.  Contact me to place an order, or go check out my website linked in my sidebar.  And make sure to ask me about my personal end of the month specials!  

So the one thing I had been hesitating about blogging about is my dog situation.  So this happened:
Sammy has a broken leg and puncture wounds too.  Think that's bad?  Abbey my other dog did it to him.  
It's been something we've been dealing with for a while now.  Abbey will just randomly attack Sammy.  She's fine with everyone else, but it is a dominance battle with him.  So for a very long time now we've been keeping the two dogs completely separate.  That is until one of the kids let Sam out of his crate while Abbey was out.  Definitely not what I needed right now.  After the $650+ vet bill along with what will be 8+ weeks of casts, Sammy is doing just fine.  
This whole dog situation is such a crappy place to be.  We would have definitely re-homed Abbey already to a home where she could be happy and Sammy could be safe if it were that easy.   But because of Abbey's chronic medical conditions it's not that easy.  So we're still working on more solutions to this whole thing.  And it upsets me to talk about it and write about it, so I hope you won't have anything negative to say to this whole thing.  I take it very seriously and it is a very personal and emotional thing.  

And the last thing I'll comment on is about Ryan and school.  I'm now super stressed out about school for him.  I was in our new city to meet with the school.  We were looking at the Public Pre-K because then he'd be able to receive his speech therapy through the public school.  But I'm really a bit worried about the school program.  I'm not sure it will prepare him enough for Kindergarten next year.  Next month we should be meeting to create an IEP (and this is a whole new thing to me, so that in itself is overwhelming) and I'll hopefully get more info on how the school will work for him.  But for the price that I'll have to pay, I'm not sure I'm getting the best for him.  It just seems so hard to try to navigate this system, and it's not like anyone is making it that easy either.  

So between the mortgage stuff, dogs, school, and just adjusting to New England I've been a bit stressed out.  Hopefully over the next two weeks things fall into place.  I cannot wait to show you pictures of the new house when we settle in.  


Julie Danielle said...

Both of my older two have IEPs. Have you heard anything about the school about not getting kids ready for K or is it more like a general concern?

I love that Scentsy is having the Buddy special!

Kelly said...

Bless your heart, you have had so much going on! Hope everything goes well moving into your new home.

PalouseMom said...

So many stresses! There is a lot of information online about IEPs... good and bad. My experience has been really positive, but our school is REALLY small. Karen is in a Pre-K program so that she gets speech through the school also. Good luck!

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