October 3, 2010

Sean's First Shoes

With the weather getting colder, I am facing the challenge of keeping Sean's feet warm. He hates socks and they really only last about 10 seconds on his feet before he pulls them off. He'll also be walking soon (I hope, for his sake not mine). So I figured it was time for a pair of shoes. I'm hoping shoes will help keep the socks on, that is if he doesn't pull both socks and shoes off. He looks so cute with his new shoes. I cannot believe how fast he's growing up. (Please ignore the clutter on my floor. You can also see the boo-boo Sean got on his chin today, but really you should only be paying attention to how cute he is in his first pair of shoes!!!)

My little baby looks like a big boy!
Cute little shoes.
He thinks they were meant to be chewed on.
And played with.
I think he likes them though.

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