October 18, 2010

Sean's First Haircut

Pat and I had originally planned to wait and have Sean's first haircut during his R & R. However, as time passed, we realized our child was going to have a mop top if we waited that long. Pat encouraged me to get Sean's haircut done without him. Since I knew my parents (aka Grammy and Grumps) were coming to visit, I decided I'd do it while they were here. Sean really did need his hair cut. I cannot believe how different he looked after the haircut though. He's such a cutie!

The before photo.
Beginning the haircut.
Chewing on things, like the comb, kept Sean busy.

Lots of hair to be cut.

Wondering what she is doing to his head.

He is a happy boy.
She was even able to use the baby buzzer on his head a little bit.
The after photo. Can you believe how different he looks? It took me a full day to get used to his new look.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He is so handsome!

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