October 31, 2010

Preparations for Halloween

This past Thursday was Ryan's Halloween party at school. They were supposed to wear their costumes over their clothes. So the week before the party I picked up a fireman coat for Ryan. Thankfully, he was very happy to be a fireman. I think he made a super cute one too!
And it worked out well that he still has his fire truck from when he was a littler boy to play with when he's all dressed up.

Yesterday Ryan and I made a Jack-o-lantern. Ryan scooped out the pumpkin, and I did the cutting. Even though I did most of the work, he thought it was a lot of fun.

I think he'll be even more excited when we put a candle in mr. pumpkin tonight to make his face glow.


Kayla Sue said...

I can't wait until Levi is old enough to carve a pumpkin with us:) And he was a cute little fireman!

simonwou said...

You know my son is also somewhat looks like “Ryan”. Ryan is really very cute look wise. Well “Fireman dress-up” is an amazing idea for having the best halloween party nyc. I would love to try this option for my son too in his competitive events.

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