May 24, 2010


One project that I've LOVED doing recently is making magnets. I made them out of 2x2 tumbled tiles.
And hot glued some magnets from the hobby store onto the back.
I packaged them up and they are ready to give as gifts or shower favors.

Then I made one set colored in. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out too.

For the sets of four magnets above, I used Stampin' Up! craft ink. With the upcoming color renovation I mentioned in an earlier post, they will not be selling the full sized craft ink pads soon, but they will still sell small "spots" of them. If you want to create some similar magnets why not stock up on the full size ink pads now? Contact me if you want any more info on my magnets, how to make them, or Stampin' Up!.


Dawn said...

Wow these are so nice, I love this great idea. I have only made the larger coasters.
Nice to see you have been playing.

Lucy said...

Ok so I have no craft skills what so ever. These magnets are so neat to me. Im bookmarking this as I would like to attempt to make these with the kids for Fathers Day. Where do you get those tiles?
Stopping by from UBP

Shelly said...

Lucy, you can get the magnets at Lowes/Home Depot in a sheet of 36 for about $9.99. Another idea is getting the bigger 4x4 tiles and make coasters.

The Fischer Family said...

OK Shelly! These are ADORABLE! Do you know what Stampin' Ups policy is when it comes to selling things made with their stamps. I was thinking about making a bunch of things (cards, etc.) to sell at our church craft fair in October, but I'm not sure what the policy is! If you could help me out I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

Lucy said...

Ok thank you for the info.

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