May 19, 2010

My Quirky Kid

Last night as I pulled Ryan out of the tub, I couldn't help but wonder how I ended up with this little boy with such a HUGE personality. He isn't how I imagined my child would be. I guess I always thought I'd have an average little boy just like every other little boy I've seen. Ryan is anything but average. I don't just say this because I am his mother; he really is a hot ticket. Ryan is not a cuddly child and isn't very good at obeying, but there is something about him that is just so magical and special. While there are moments when I wish he wouldn't be so independent and stubborn, I am so proud of the little boy he is and wouldn't change him one bit. He really is more unique than I ever thought he would be.

I just wanted to mention a few of Ryan's recent (and not so recent) quirks.
*Ryan's latest phase is being naked. If the idea comes to him in any way he immediately strips down and says "my naked". I know it is a normal phase, and it is rather funny. Thankfully he knows to only do this in the house (or hotel on vacation), but I won't be so sad when this phase is over.
*Ryan comes crying to me when the dogs go into the house while Ryan is playing out back. He is so sad that I have to make the dogs go back out with him. The poor dogs do not like being stuck out with Ryan, but I just tell myself it is good for them to get fresh air.
*Ryan calls Pat by his first name. Sometimes he'll be Dadda Pat. I know he learned this from hearing me talk about or to Pat. I've transitioned to only calling Pat Dadda in hopes of getting Ryan to kick his habit, but so far no luck.
*Ryan still likes to go to bed with a Mickey Mouse sticker stuck to his face or in his hands. We usually have a pile of old stickers next to his bed. He is very obsessive about this habit. If he wakes up in the middle of the night for whatever reason, he makes sure to request his "mouse" before going back to sleep.
*Lastly, Ryan is currently obsessed with any form of spaceman. He calls them "baceman". He even enjoys watching Iron Man with Pat because he believes Iron Man is a spaceman. Spaceman covers Iron Man, Buzz Lightyear, the guy from Planet 51, and any other thing that looks like a space man. Ryan often puts his fists near his chin and runs around saying "baceman" because he thinks that is how they fly.

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