December 31, 2009

Blue Moon

The new year is coming and will be ushered in by a blue moon. How cool is that? Maybe that is a sign that the new year will be a special year. (For those of you who do not know, a blue moon is not blue, but rather it is a second full moon in one month. This is a somewhat rare occurrence.) While the whole blue moon thing is exciting, I'll admit that I don't really care for New Year's. I do not really like celebrating the passing of another year. Time is moving all together too fast. I would rather slow time down than to party at the end of a year. But really, that's probably just me.

I cannot help but share this adorable photo of Pat and Ryan. I wasn't the only one to get a Patriots jersey for Christmas. (Santa thought it would be wise to wait until Sean's growth slowed down a bit before he could have a jersey to match.) Here they are, and don't they look cute?

In the new year you can expect to find some photos of the tile backsplash Pat put in the kitchen. I think it looks amazing, and when it is complete you'll be able to see it too!

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