December 28, 2009

Our Family Christmas

Even though Patrick and I have been married for many Christmas celebrations now, this was our first real family Christmas. Growing up I always loved spending Christmas with my family, and hoped that when I was married I would have a very similar celebration with my own family. The only down side to having my own family Christmas now is that I don't get to see my parents and siblings because we live so far away. While it was sad not seeing my loved ones, it was still my favorite Christmas yet. It was the kind of Christmas I've been waiting to have since I married Patrick. Our family cuddled together watching Christmas movies, we baked sugar cookies, we had a tree completely surrounded by presents, we had a delicious dinner, and we really enjoyed being together. Here are a few photos of our celebration.

The boys on Christmas eve in their holiday pjs.
The tree surrounded by all the presents.
Ryan waking up and seeing all the stuff Santa left.
Seeing his face light up was magical.
Ryan got a trike.
A basketball hoop too.

And many, many other toys.

I felt bad that I didn't have more for Pat under the tree, especially after I realized how he spoiled me. (I'll make another post about how he spoiled me later.)
Sean had many gifts too and was a great sport while we all opened presents.

And at the end of Christmas night we had some chocolate peppermint stick ice cream pie.
This Christmas was even better than I ever imagined. I hope everyone had as wonderful a holiday as our family had.

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