December 8, 2009

Tired Boy

I'm currently playing post catch up of the stuff that has happened recently so there may be a few posts today.

We had new floors put in our living room and entry way. I'll post about them next. While they were putting the floors in, I had to stay out of the way up in the bonus room. It isn't a very big room to be locked in all day long, especially if you are sharing it with two children and three dogs. By the end of the first day Ryan, Sean, and I were exhausted. Sean had had trouble napping up there because of all the commotion. Ryan never took a nap, which is what I expected. Missing that nap and playing upstairs, which hardly ever occurs, took it's toll on Ryan. By the time dinner rolled around it was clear that Ryan was way overtired. He wanted to get down from the table but just wasn't happy. He came over to me for comfort and fell asleep STANDING UP!

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