December 17, 2009

Crazy BAH Rates!

I've noticed that the BAH rates here at this post fluctuate a lot more year to year than they did while we were at our other duty station. (I now wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that they deploy the entire post together usually) I noticed this trend before we even pcs'd here. Just after Pat came house hunting the BAH rate went up a lot.
2008 +260
2009 -104
The good thing about BAH rates is that even if the rate goes down, like it did in 2009, your current BAH rate is grandfathered in. So since we moved here with the big increase back in 2008 and didn't lose any in 2009, we're only going to see an extra $84, but I am very excited about that. I wasn't expecting much of an increase, and had forgotten to check for a while so this was a very pleasant surprise. Yay for more money in our pockets. ;)

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