January 4, 2009


Most people talk about how excited they are when their spouse is coming home from a deployment.  Don't get me wrong, I am VERY excited, but there is also a fair amount of stress that comes with the reunion (at least for me).  I am a person that has physical reactions to stress.  The stress of this homecoming is definitely taking a toll on my body.  Considering it's been almost 8.5 months since I last saw Pat, I feel like I've forgotten what it is like to be a normal wife and family.  It isn't that I'm worried about being together because I know after one embrace things will feel so right and a calm will wash over me.  It's the getting to that moment and the anticipation of it that causes the stress.  I have the house is order, and the only cleaning left to do is the last minute scrub of the bathroom, wash the sheets, etc kind of stuff.  I hope to make some homemade brownies before he arrives too.  Not knowing when he's coming does not help the stress.  Last I heard (at 1 a.m. this morning) he's still stuck there and will be for a few more days before starting the lengthy journey home, but this can also change at any moment.  I really hope that the first half of this week flies by because I cannot wait for the relief that is coming.    

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