January 22, 2009

Photos of Home Improvements

Here are the photos of the home improvements we've made since Pat returned:  

I said I wanted new lighting in the kitchen for my Christmas gift.  Pat installed this chandelier and the other light in the kitchen for me.  
We are replacing the hinges on the cabinet to look like this photo because the old ones didn't exactly match the knobs the previous owner put on.  
The new paint color in the living room.  It's called Expedition Khaki.  
The matching curtains we bought.  
We also painted the entrance hallway a soft gray called Gentle Rain.  

And last but not least we rearranged our bedroom furniture putting the bed between the two windows, and it really opened up the room.  We painted the walls a brownish color called Pebble Stone.  Over all I am very happy with the result.  


Robyn Mroszczyk, AFC said...

I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! It looks great!!

Joe was so happy that Pat called! He wished that he could have talked to him longer, but we had the guy that is going to buy the house come over. He is going to sign the contracts next week!!!

Devon said...

Everything looks awesome! I really like the yellow with the brown/gold curtains. I am glad you are finally able to put your personality into it to make it more like "home".

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