January 3, 2009


Ouch can basically describe today--sometimes referencing pain and other times things just not working out so well.  
*Today Ryan accidentally hit me with his cell phone.  He managed to hit my nose exactly where I broke it while pregnant with him.  They told me it will always be a weak spot where it was broken.  Right now it is a tiny bit swollen and red/blue.  I hope it goes back to normal before Pat returns.  
*I got our electric bill in the mail today.  The weather here is rather crazy.  After the morning where it was 7 degrees out and my heating system was working double time, OUCH definitely describes this bill.  
*Our play date today didn't go so well.  The other little boy is quite a bit older than Ryan.  The unfortunate part was that he had a strong dislike for Ryan.  It was not a case of ignoring Ryan, it was a case of not wanting him there at all.  
*I finally heard from Pat after a few days of wondering where he was.  The phone system died 2 minutes after he got through, and he couldn't call back.  He did manage to tell me that they are delayed at the FOB they are at because of weather.  From the timeline he described, I highly doubt he'll be making it back when he's supposed to.   

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Robyn Mroszczyk, AFC said...

Dang Shelly, it sounds like you had a crappy day yesterday. I really hope that things start looking up! I'm sure you must be super disappointed about Pat's timeline of coming home now :(

Uh, Porter hits me on the nose about once every 2 weeks. Super, super painful. What is with kids and our noses??

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