January 26, 2009

Mission: Sofa

Yesterday we were on a mission to find Ryan a comfy chair of his own.  He LOVES sitting on things lately.  He makes it a point to go sit on top of his wipe container like it is a stool, so I thought he'd enjoy having a chair of his own to sit on.  On the suggestion of a friend we went to the PX first.  Unfortunately they didn't have anything.  I probably should have called it a day at that point, but I was really on a mission and would have been bummed if we didn't accomplish it.  We drove to Toys R Us, and lo and behold they had chairs and sofas on display right in the front of the store.  We looked at them, but weren't sure which would be best.  They had tons of girl prints, but very little for boys (as seems to be the case around here).  We wandered the store a bit more and realized if we bought the Backyardigans it would be $10 less than Elmo or Cars for the same exact sofa.  Pat called me cheap, but I consider that good with money.  We came home and Ryan just adores his sofa.  His face lights up whenever he looks at it.  The mission was accomplished and worth every penny.  

1 comment:

Robyn Mroszczyk, AFC said...

I think that we need to get one!! I love it!!

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