January 30, 2009

It's The Little Things

Yesterday we converted Ryan's highchair into a booster seat and allowed him to sit at the table with his own bowl of food.  I was very afraid that he'd only want to dump the food out of his bowl and bang it around, but he was actually content to just sit there and eat like a big boy.  I can't believe how grown up he is.  I will say that there were occasionally feet on the table, but the poor posture and less than stellar table manners probably come from me :).  I know that his eating at the table from his own plate probably sounds like such a little accomplishment to you, but I'm really proud of him.  

I feel like I've done a lot of shopping lately.  I placed an order online about a week ago to catch some great deals on winter clothes for Ryan for next year.  I know it's a gamble trying to pick the right size.  However, I always order big (better big than too small, right?), and if we can't use them I'm sure I could gift them to one of my friends who could.  I got him 6 really cute long sleeved shirts and a fleece pullover for quite the bargain, and I never had to leave my house to do it.  
Yesterday I finally got a good deal on another Britax Boulevard car seat for Ryan.  We have one already, but we wanted to have another so that we had one in each car.  I've been waiting and waiting to find a good deal, and during this wait I've even narrowly missed a few good prices.  Now the deal I got wasn't as good at the Target $42.99 fiasco, but it was a pretty good deal--only $1 more than I paid for the first one.  I was quite happy to find that.  
And the last item of my shopping report is that we bought Pat a small chest freezer that he's been eyeing since before he got home.  He wanted a freezer for out the garage to store meat in. We finally found a good price and bought it.  Now I just need to start stocking up on frozen goods now that I have the room, but of course I'm waiting for good prices ;).

I need to praise myself just briefly too.  I usually don't brag, but the dinner I cooked last night came out fabulous.  We had teriyaki sirloin tips.  I made a marinade and then broiled them in the oven.  They were cooked so perfectly that I actually impressed myself.  We also had some sweet potato fries baked in the oven.  Pat thought they were good, and he's not so much a fan of sweet potatoes normally.  I passed the real test too; Ryan thought it was yummy!   

So that's about all we've been up to lately.  Nothing too exciting, but it's really just little things like these that are enough for us.  


Robyn Mroszczyk, AFC said...


1) Where did you get the Britax??

2) I want that recipe. Now. :)

3) HUGE step for Ryan eating on the booster seat!!! And that is incredibly awesome that he didn't play around with the food! I STILL cannot get Porter to not do that :(

4) Fort Campbell is back up to our number one spot!!

Devon said...

Seriously! It is such a HUGE accomplishment for Ryan! You should be proud! Don't discredit yourself as a mom! :)

Where did you get the new carseat?!

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